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Our expertise enables you to scale your business by strategizing and making intelligent decisions to drive growth!

Our superior consulting services lead to the resolution of critical issues for public and private companies. We hold extensive experience that covers multiple disciplines such as accounting, business finance, entrepreneurship, taxation, franchising, and real estate.

Our consultancy helps start-ups and SMEs achieve growth through:

Development of Financial Options

In the capacity of financial consultants, we help businesses suffering stunted growth due to capital deprivation, implement growth plans by evaluating business finance options.

Identification of Financing Solutions

We believe in coming up with solutions to complex financing issues.

Streamlining Business Planning

We enhance business planning by improving the budgeting, planning, reporting, and measuring functions, ultimately resulting in the attainment of financial goals and profitability.

Tax Assistance

We help navigate through the diverse and multifaceted tax regulations to achieve accurate income tax returns while also fully benefitting from the relevant deductions and credits.

Refining Financial Reporting

Our efforts focus on elevating the internal accounting reporting standards to gain actionable business intelligence. We do so by reforming interdepartmental communication and the collection of data, transforming traditional processes, and ensuring greater collaboration.

Efficient Strategy Building & Advisory

We understand that your business has unique needs, and a “one size fits all” approach does not help. Therefore, we provide tailored solutions with our advisory services to help meet long-term objectives.

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Financial Statements


Cash Flow Statements


Profit Analysis

Our Services

Personal Accounting


Individual Tax Returns


Shares and Cryptocurrency


Rental Properties and Property Development

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We offer the expertise of a team of well-versed tax accountants and finance professionals that will lead you towards achieving your yearly or quarterly goals.

Our valuable experience as business financial consultants gives us a holistic 360º view on identifying and resolving the most common financial issues that stall companies’ growth. The teams working at Felix + Co Accounting hold an extensive knowledge base arising out of the financial consulting experience of providing permanent solutions that hold long-term value.

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